5 Tips to Feel Amazing and Stay Healthy While on Vacation

Updated: May 18

Heading on vacation and feeling anxious about how this may interfere with your weight loss efforts? In this article, I share my 5 top recommendations for feeling great and avoiding putting on extra pounds while away from home:

  1. Stay hydrated: with so many delicious drinks available at vacation resorts, is easy to neglect our water intake. One of the best ways to stay hydrated (and avoid constipation and feeling bloated) is to drink up early in the morning and keep drinking throughout the day. I like to have 2 full glasses of water upon waking!

  1. Move your body: I’m definitely not one to visit the gym while staying at a resort, I like to give my body a rest of my regular exercise routine. However, I do feel better when I move throughout the day a bit. Is easier if you don’t think of it as exercise but rather movement. Take several walks throughout the day, maybe try running barefoot on the beach, join any activities offered that may be appealing to you. Dance?

  1. Navigate buffets with caution: one my strategies for avoiding over-eating when staying at a resort where most meals are offered at a buffet is to load up my plate with veggies first! Trust me, this works! I tell myself I can eat whatever I want AFTER I’ve had a gigantic salad. I always find I eat less of the other stuff if I had the veggies first.

My other recommendations to reduce over-eating include:

  1. Pick 1 meal of the day when you will have desert, rather than all 3 and enjoy fresh fruits the rest of the time;

  2. Ask for smoothies without the added sugar;

  3. Choose grilled and steamed options over fried;

  4. Pick 1 to 2 portions of carbs per meal rather than 5 and choose whole grains if at all available

  5. Add lemon to your water

  1. Beware of liquid calories: you probably already know that cocktails are loaded with sugar, calories and preservatives. I’m not saying don’t have them but you may want to pace yourself when drinking. This is a great way to reduce the amount of drinks you’ll have throughout your vacation, hence less sugar and calories. If you enjoy wine, this is definitely a better option health wise than the sugary cocktails.

  1. Bring a fiber supplement: many people complain of constipation when they are traveling. It is just no fun to wear a swimsuit when you’re all bloated and uncomfortable. I often recommend clients they bring a fiber supplement when travelling. One of favorites is phsyllium husk. I typically have a full glass of water with 1 tbsp of pshyllium husk before dinner. This is to ensure I have some more fluids coming in before going to bed and also because it makes me feel full, hence reducing the amount of food I have for dinner! Moving throughout the day also helps to get things moving (so walk, dance, run, swim, etc.)

Finally, have fun!!

P.- ❤

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