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Try * THIS * to Curb Evening Cravings

Today, I’m sharing with you one of my BEST tips to help you break free from cravings

Because if cravings are setting you up for evenings of endless snacking, I want to help you with this small change that can deliver BIG results

Is so simple that is easy to overlook but trust me, it has helped me and hundreds of clients lessen their cravings


Here it is: make sure you’re having a protein-rich snack between your lunch and your dinner

If you’re like many women I know, you may be either skipping an afternoon snack or having snack that is actually spiking your blood sugar levels, therefore setting you up for even stronger cravings

How does an afternoon protein-rich snack help decrease cravings? basically it helps you keep your blood sugar levels more stable into the evening hours, helping regulate your appetite and avoid the blood sugar crush that typically triggers cravings

Here are my TOP 3 ideas for an afternoon protein-rich snack:

· Greek yogurt with berries with some hemp or chia seeds: packed with protein and heathy fats, this is a great option for days when you have a big stretch between lunch and dinner. You can swap the greek yogurt for a dairy-free option such as coconut yogurt and you’re still going to get good amounts of protein from the hemp and/or chia seeds

· Your favorite fruit with some peanut, almond or nut/seed butter: this one is a go-to for me when I’m getting hungry but I know dinner is not too far away. Just enough to make sure my blood sugars don’t crush but not too big that it will ruin my appetite for dinner 🙂

· A bowl of popcorn with some nuts: this has to be my favorite at the moment. I love to pair the popcorn with pecans, there’s something about their buttery taste I just love so much

What about you? what’s your favorite?


P.S. Was this helpful? here are four other ways I can help!

* Check out my blog for more tips

* Join a private community of women for ongoing access & inspiration to resources to help you build a healthy relationship with food and overcome emotional overeating & bingeing

* Book a complimentary call with me to gain insights into your own unique relationship with food and to learn how to go from where you are to where you want to be

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