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What Being “Body Positive” Is Really About

Updated: Jun 21, 2022

Like many of you probably, body positivity is one of those concepts floating around (especially on social media) I had a hard time understanding. And it was only when I started to define it for myself that I came to a point where I could actually embrace it.

Because we’re constantly exposed to messages and images of what body confidence & positivity should look like (typically, portrayed as this sense of being over the moon with ourselves and our bodies all of the time), many of us feel this is a state we could never reach.

With time, I’ve come to understand that body positivity is an attitude of acceptance & respect for our body as it is right now.

I strongly believe these 2 myths about body positivity are getting in the way our ability to embrace the fact that (with time and maybe some work) we could all get there:

1. This idea that if we don’t like our bodies 24/7, it means we can’t possibly develop acceptance, love and respect for our bodies: In reality, this pressure and expectation to love our bodies all of the time is simply unrealistic.

I’ve seen plenty of women with a strong and healthy body image admit not every day they feel fabulous about themselves. Their healthy body image stems from their ability to still accept and respect their bodies as they are in the moment, not from being in love with their bodies all of the time.

2. Being body positive means I’m just going let myself go: This is another false belief and one that is rooted in fear. I totally get it, who wants to let themselves go? I know I don’t! However, many of us are operating within this concept that if we stop scrutinizing, judging and controlling our bodies, we’re going to let lose, go wild and not be able to take good care of our bodies. But reality proves otherwise. In fact, the more we’re able to accept and be compassionate towards our bodies, the more inclined we are to make choices that show care and respect towards ourselves as a whole (not just our physical bodies)

What about you, how do you often feel about your body?

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