UnDiet Body & Mind Program

The UnDiet Body & Mind Program is an 8-week signature program designed to help you reach your best natural weight, and finally feel at ease with food, while learning to re-connect with your body.

Are You Feeling:

✓ Tired of starting a new diet every Monday only to last a few days and feel like you failed again

 Like you can’t attend a friend’s birthday due to food restrictions

✓ Out of control if you eat a “bad” food

✓ Overwhelmed by diet culture and all the conflicting nutrition information out there

✓ Hangry, tired, and unmotivated?

Are You Ready To:

✓ Learn how to understand the neuroendocrinology of eating and leverage your body’s innate physiology (aka stop relying on willpower)

✓ Reduce stress around food and stop obsessing about your next meal

✓ Discover what actually works for your body (and what doesn’t)


✓ Kick your cravings and food-related mood swings and enjoy sustained energy throughout the day

✓ Quit diets for life and optimize your body so you never have to go on a diet again


During This 8-week Program You Can Expect To:

Focus On Whole Foods And A Balanced Approach To Eating

  • Learn to build well-balanced meals that are simple, affordable and delicious

  • Gain confidence in the kitchen and learn easy techniques to make meal planning and prepping easier and more intuitive

  • Kick the hAnger, cravings and bloating once and for all by balancing blood sugar levels and improving digestion

Take A Closer Look At Your Current Eating Habits And Relationship With Food 

  • Gain a deeper understanding of how stress, boredom, emotions and other factors impact your food choices

  • Learn to reconnect with your body’s innate hunger signals

  • Start feeling more ease and less anxiety surrounding food

After Completing The UnDiet Body & Mind Program You Can Expect To:

  • Be closer to the ideal weight for your body

  • Know how to build well balanced and nourishing meals that provide sustained energy and less cravings while moving you closer to your goals

  • Understand your habits, triggers and feel more connected with yourself

How this program is different?

  • It focuses on sound nutritional approach: no quick fixes; no trendy diets, no deprivation or harsh plans

  • Is uniquely build for you based on where you’re at right now

  • It takes into account your personal food choices and offers a holistic approach based on biochemical individuality, your habits, health history, lifestyle, work, values, etc.

  • It looks at the role that beliefs and lifestyle habits play in the weight puzzle

  • It helps you regain a sense of peace around food by helping you stop obsessing about food and the next meal

UnDiet Program Overview 

This program is a combination of 1:1 consultations with online support to help you stay motivated and on track as we work on your goals.

Week 1 – Rev up your metabolism and optimize your entire body.

1:1 consultation – 75 minutes (in person or by zoom)


Week 2 – Balanced & simple meals for more energy and fewer cravings.

1:1 consultation – 60 minutes (in person or by zoom)


Week 3 – Check-in by email to keep you on track and evaluate how you are feeling with the changes.


Week 4 – Check-in by email, modify anything that isn't working or add more of what is working really well.


Week 5 – Re-connect to your body and identify obstacles to your progress.

1:1 consultation – 30 minutes (in person or by zoom)


Week 6 – Check-in by email for accountability and support.


Week 7 – Check-in by email to continue the momentum and motivation.


Week 8 – Reduce bloating and improve gut health

1:1 consultation – 30 minutes (in person or by zoom)

Frequently Asked Questions

Are you ready to quit diets for good and start Un-Dieting?

Total Investment is $425 (HST Included)

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