UnDiet Body & Mind Program

The UnDiet Body & Mind Program is an 8-week signature program designed to help you reach your best natural weight, and finally feel at ease with food, while learning to re-connect with your body.

Are You Feeling:

✓ Tired of starting a new diet every Monday only to last a few days and feel like you failed again

 Like you can’t attend a friend’s birthday due to food restrictions

✓ Out of control if you eat a “bad” food

✓ Overwhelmed by diet culture and all the conflicting nutrition information out there

✓ Hangry, tired, and unmotivated?

Are You Ready To:

✓ Learn how to understand the neuroendocrinology of eating and leverage your body’s innate physiology (aka stop relying on willpower)

✓ Reduce stress around food and stop obsessing about your next meal

✓ Discover what actually works for your body (and what doesn’t)


✓ Kick your cravings and food-related mood swings and enjoy sustained energy throughout the day

✓ Quit diets for life and optimize your body so you never have to go on a diet again


During This 8-week Program You Can Expect To:

Focus On Whole Foods And A Balanced Approach To Eating

  • Learn to build well-balanced meals that are simple, affordable and delicious

  • Gain confidence in the kitchen and learn easy techniques to make meal planning and prepping easier and more intuitive

  • Kick the hAnger, cravings and bloating once and for all by balancing blood sugar levels and improving digestion

Take A Closer Look At Your Current Eating Habits And Relationship With Food 

  • Gain a deeper understanding of how stress, boredom, emotions and other factors impact your food choices

  • Learn to reconnect with your body’s innate hunger signals

  • Start feeling more ease and less anxiety surrounding food

After Completing The UnDiet Body & Mind Program You Can Expect To:

  • Be closer to the ideal weight for your body

  • Know how to build well balanced and nourishing meals that provide sustained energy and less cravings while moving you closer to your goals

  • Understand your habits, triggers and feel more connected with yourself

How this program is different?

  • It focuses on sound nutritional approach: no quick fixes; no trendy diets, no deprivation or harsh plans

  • Is uniquely build for you based on where you’re at right now

  • It takes into account your personal food choices and offers a holistic approach based on biochemical individuality, your habits, health history, lifestyle, work, values, etc.

  • It looks at the role that beliefs and lifestyle habits play in the weight puzzle

  • It helps you regain a sense of peace around food by helping you stop obsessing about food and the next meal

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UnDiet Program Overview 

This program is a combination of 1:1 consultations with online support to help you stay motivated and on track as we work on your goals.

Week 1 – Rev up your metabolism and optimize your entire body.

1:1 consultation – 75 minutes (by zoom)


Week 2 – Balanced & simple meals for more energy and fewer cravings.

1:1 consultation – 60 minutes (by zoom)


Week 3 – Check-in by email to keep you on track and evaluate how you are feeling with the changes.


Week 4 – Check-in by email, modify anything that isn't working or add more of what is working really well.


Week 5 – Re-connect to your body and identify obstacles to your progress.

1:1 consultation – 30 minutes (by zoom)


Week 6 – Check-in by email for accountability and support.


Week 7 – Check-in by email to continue the momentum and motivation.


Week 8 – Reduce bloating and improve gut health

1:1 consultation – 30 minutes (by zoom)

The 8 week nutrition program with Pamela was one of the best things I have done for my health. I have been a dieter most of my life, it’s all I have ever known, and although I have never been able to sustain any diet, no matter how hard I tried, I continued dieting not thinking about the impact it was having on my body. Living with multiple chronic illnesses made it more challenging and I felt the need to diet more for my health. I would lose weight and think it was great, but I still didn’t feel well. I always felt bloated, tired, had a lack of energy, horrible brain fog and a constant overall blah feeling.


I attended a webinar with Pamela and decided to book a consultation with her and within 15 minutes of speaking with her I knew I needed to work with her. 


I started on the 8 week program and it’s been a game changer for me. Not only have I learned to eat the way my body needs me to eat, I also feel better mentally and physically. I have less bloating, more energy, less brain fog. My body tells me when it’s hungry and I’ve learned to listen to it and focus on what it needs. I no longer see food as something that is “bad” for me, I now see food as nourishment for my mind and body and my overall health.


The challenging part for me when starting the program was not eating enough but I quickly learned to change that as well as what key food groups to pair together. I learned to eat when I’m hungry and not to starve myself no matter how stressful life can be. Pamela was there with me every step of the way, the weekly check-ins, whether in person or by email, were extremely helpful and provided me with the comfort of knowing I had the support I needed.


Although the 8 weeks went by quickly, my body has adapted to this new way of eating, which is a normal way of eating that I never considered before. I wish I learned to UnDiet years ago and focus more on nourishing my body and my mind for my health rather than starving myself and causing added stress and havoc on my body. I will never go back to the stresses of dieting.


I am glad to have met Pamela and I am beyond grateful for her guidance and support during the entire program. Thank you Pamela for teaching me to UnDiet and focus on myself.


Nouha, Ottawa, ON

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I start this program any time?

Yes, you can sign up any time and start whenever is good for you.

How do meetings take place?

All of our meetings will take place online through a secure site

What happens if I need to re-schedule a consultation?

The purpose of this 8-week program is to support you in attaining your goals and help you stay on track. Re-scheduling 1:1 consults is handled on a case-by-case basis. During the first meeting, we’ll go through the program schedule and make any necessary arrangements.

Do you offer payment plans?

Payment of the full program is due on your first visit. However, payment arrangements can be made available upon request. Please inquire for more information during your complimentary session.

I’m interested but have more questions, who can I contact for more info?

You may book a complimentary session to ask questions and see if this program is right for you by following this link.

Are you ready to quit diets for good and start Un-Dieting?

Total Investment is $475 (HST Included)