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My Story

Hi! My name is Pamela, and like most women I know,
I discovered diets at a very young age.

My Story

Where it all Started

When I went on my first diet at the age of 12, I had no idea that this would be the beginning of a very complicated relationship with food, a whole array of body issues, and a profound disconnect from my body.


I still remember that day as if it was yesterday, only it was close to 3 decades ago. I was spending my holidays at my grandparent’s apartment in the Argentinean seaside, loving every moment of it, laughing and hanging out with my family and sisters when a family friend who was staying with us called me chubby and commented I should watch my portions.


While I barely knew this guy and didn't have a close relationship with him, his words hit hard. Little did I know, I would still remember every single one of them. The embarrassment I felt in that moment still remain vivid in my core. It is the kind of memory that will never leave you. So instead of brushing it off, I made a promise to myself to never ever be shamed again in public for being “fat”.


The next morning, I woke up determined and started my first diet. I tried to be as secretive as possible, after all, I didn’t want to draw ANY attention to me. The embarrassment I felt the day before made me want to become invisible. From that morning on, I started having a breakfast that consisted of 3 tbsp. of corn flakes with 2 tbsp. of skimmed milk (yes, you read that right). I have no idea how I decided this was the way to get thin and I don’t really remember what else I was eating throughout the day but I’m pretty sure it was very little.


I wish I could tell you I lost the "extra weight" and went on with my life, but that is far from the truth. As you probably imagine, this was only the beginning of what turned out to be more than 2 decades of food and fitness obsession that permeated every single aspect of my life and almost every minute of every day. My food and body obsession was absolutely exhausting and debilitating and it took many, many years, way too many tears, dozens of journals and a deep desire and commitment to feel and live my life to the fullest to get to a point where I can even share all of this.

Nutritionist Ottawa Pamela Groh

About 5 years ago I found myself at my desired weight, one I had maintained for a few years already with the normal variations that a 5'9, thirty-something woman would experience. But something was different. I had stopped chronically dieting, restricting and obsessing over food, overeating and binge eating. I also noticed that I had gained a new appreciation for my body, not because it was perfect or slim or fit, but because the shift in my mindset and the lifestyle changes I had slowly implemented over the years had all come beautifully together to gift me with a new opportunity to enjoy food, movement and connection with my body.


This change was all I ever wanted and much more. Being at my ideal weight feels wonderful, but finally feeling at peace with food and my body has been the greatest reward of my journey. I realized that my renewed sense of purpose, energy and passion for life was the result from freeing myself from food, fitness and weight obsession.


Over the last few years I’ve been absolutely consumed by a desire to help other women who have been through a similar journey, so I de-constructed my own experience and developed a system to help other women as well. Maybe our stories are slightly different, but we share a common desire to be free from food and body image obsession and the debilitating cycle of dieting, restricting, emotional eating, mindless eating, overeating and binge eating. Deep down we know life is about so much more than living frustrated and overwhelmed.


I decided to turn my story, my knowledge in the field of Nutrition & Eating Psychology, and my in-practice experience working with real women like you and become the kind of practitioner I wish I was able to access in the loneliest years of my struggle with food, fitness and body image obsession..


When women come work with me, we start by talking about your goals and dreams and we review your health and personal history. Once we’re both clear on where we are heading, I begin to guide you in the process of implementing food, supplement and lifestyle suggestions and helping you better understand the obstacles that may have hold you back so far. I will share with you techniques to overcome them and coach you throughout your journey.


Clients who have worked with me have learnt how to reconnect to their bodies' natural hunger cues and eat in a way that is nourishing and honors their hunger; they have gained a deep understanding of their eating patterns and overcame: chronic dieting, restricting, emotional eating, mindless eating, over-eating and binge eating and started practicing techniques to rebuild their relationship with food. My clients also enjoy more energy, better focus, improved moods and reached their natural healthy weight. Some of the benefits my clients experience are more confidence, ease and peace with food and their bodies.

It's an incredible privilege to witness my clients’ transformation.

The Formal Stuff

Ottawa Nutritionist Pamela Groh Biting Homemade Sourdough

I graduated with Honours from the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition in Ottawa and hold the designation of Registered Holistic Nutritionist (R.H.N. I have also completed an Advanced Nutrition certificate in Mindfulness and the NeuroPsychoEndocrinology of Regulating Eating from the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition. I also hold a Masters Degree in Sociology from Carleton University.

I consider myself a lifelong student, and continue to update my knowledge through workshops, trainings and personal experience.

Before we go on:

If you are suffering from or have been diagnosed with a clinical eating disorder (you may find more information and support here) I encourage you to seek psychological and medical help. While my work is centered on emotional eating, giving up diets for life and finding food freedom, if you are currently experiencing an eating disorder, you will be in the right hands with a different practitioner at this time.


I wish you all the best on your journey ♡

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