Tired of the Diet Roller Coaster? Learn to Optimize your Body and End Diets for Life
Wed, Jun 24
Jun 24, 3:00 PM EDT
Most of us have tried every single diet on the face of the planet only to end up totally overwhelmed, frustrated and even more confused about what to eat! Learn how to listen to your body and nourish without overwhelm!
Is Intuitive Eating Right for YOU?
Wed, May 20
May 20, 3:00 PM
Intuitive Eating (IE) is getting a lot of attention these days but what exactly is IE and is it the right approach for you? Please join me as I delve into: • The biggest myth about intuitive eating • Key principles of intuitive eating • Determining whether intuitive eating is right for you
How to Start your Intuitive Eating Journey
Wed, Apr 15
Apr 15, 7:00 PM

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