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Ready to quit diets and find ease and peace with food and your body?

It's time to stop beating yourself up... Diets simply don't work

As a Nutritionist, I see this all. the. time.

You start a new diet and sooner rather than later, you’re obsessing about food and can no longer take the deprivation and restriction. Next thing you know, you find yourself on the cookie jar/bag of chips/[your favorite thing], eating “imperfectly”. Guilt, overwhelm and frustration set in and it takes days to shake the feeling off


You tell yourself, if only I had more willpower/was stronger…


But here’s the thing, you’re not the problem, you’re not a bad person for being hungry


That’s why I follow an UnDiet approach, which is all about giving up diets for life, nourishing your body and re-building a healthy relationship with food.


If you dream of the day you no longer obsess about food, your weight and the next meal then welcome! I’m here to guide you on your UnDiet journey

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Meet Pamela

About Pamela Groh, MA; R.H.N.


I am a Holistic Nutritionist and Founder of The ObsessLess With Food Method and I'm on a mission to help women give up dieting for life, stop struggling with food, and finally feel at peace with food and thrive in their bodies.

After struggling with food, diets, emotional eating and my body for half my life, I just couldn't take it anymore so I set myself on a mission to figure out how to develop the relationship with food and my body I always wanted.


In this process, not only I transformed my own body and mindset around food, but I also discovered my passion for natural nutrition, body movement, and above all, helping other women who just like me had hit rock bottom. Throughout my work, I share all I've learnt in my training, professional and personal experience so that other women can break free as well..


"Not only have I learned to eat the way my body needs me to eat, I also feel better mentally and physically. I wish I focused more on nourishing my body and my mind for my health rather than starving myself and causing added stress and havoc on my body. I will never go back to the stresses of dieting. I am glad to have met Pamela and I am beyond grateful for her guidance and support during the entire program"

—  Nouha, Ottawa, Canada

Ready to stop the yo-yo dieting and recurring guilt?

Behind the Scenes...

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