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The ObsessLess With Food Method

The ObsessLess With Food Method is a 12-week program for women who want to stop thinking and worrying about food 24/7, overcome emotional overeating and  start thriving in their bodies

Are You?

✓ Tired of of thinking about food ALL.THE.TIME, constantly, all day  every single day?

 Starting new diets or plans only to last a few days or a week until you give in and end up eating all the things? 

✓ Worried that if you eat one of your "off limits" foods, you're going to not be able stop and control yourself?

✓ Overwhelmed by all the conflicting nutrition information out there?

✓ Feeling your overeating and emotional eating is out of control?

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Are You Ready To:

✓ Let go of diets & restriction in a safe way that doesn't feel like you're letting yourself go 

✓ Stop stressing about food an obsessing about your next meal

✓ Learn to nourish your body in a sustainable way that helps you increase your energy, balance your mood and your weight


✓ Tame the cravings that kick off the mindless snacking & overeating episodes 

✓ Get to the root of your current way of eating so you can overcome emotional overeating and restore a positive relationship with food and your body

Are You Feeling

The ObsessLess With Food Method
is based on:

A Balanced Approach To Eating & Lifestyle

  • Learn to build balanced meals in a stress-free way that supports a heathy weight & strong resilient body

  • Balance your blood sugars so you can stabilize your mood & increase energy

  • Discover the joy of moving your body for health & well being and find what works for you

Restoring a Healthy & Positive Relationship With Food

  • Understand how stress, boredom, emotions and other factors impact your food choices

  • Reconnect with your body’s natural hunger signals

  • End the restrict & binge 

    cycle AND overcome emotional eating

How this program is different?

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The ObsessLess With Food Method will take you through a journey of healing your relationship with food and ending the restrict & overeat cycle so you can finally feel at peace around food & in your body

Combining the power of nutritional science, eating psychology and mindful eating practices, this program delivers a unique approach that has allowed women to completely transform their bodies and mindset around food 



What Clients Are Saying





I have to say, your program has changed my life, I have not binged eat in MONTHS!! I don't feel the need anymore and make sure to eat nourishing food that also satisfy me. I also have started to lose weight without being on a diet or counting calories and I feel so empowered!!

The ObsessLess With Food Method Alumni




Thank you for this wonderful program and everything you've taught me this past year. It has been life changing and surprisingly just so much fun!

The ObsessLess With Food Method Alumni




I realized that I am no longer obsessing every day of what I am going to eat! I realize that I just go with the flow of things and listen to my body’s needs.


I also realized that if I really listen and satisfy my need, the thought goes away.

I find myself more relaxed around food in overall


I recently went on a trip and learnt that I can totally trust my body. For 4 full days, I didn’t control my food (I used to travel with my food! Oh MY!!!). I just chose to eat what was offered, I fully embraced it – I enjoyed it – and I realized that nothing really happened! I wasn’t overly bloated; I wasn’t in pain – My body reacted pretty positively to all the new foods. I am really excited about that!!!

The ObsessLess With Food Method Alumni



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Ready to leave food worries &
emotional overeating in the past?

Book your FREE call to find out if this program is right for you!

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