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3 Tips to Help you Regulate your Hunger

Updated: Jan 24

There could be MANY reasons why your hunger may be dysregulated. From hormonal issues to the effects of stress and emotions on our desire (or temporary lack thereof) for food, all of these things need to be taken into account. However, making some simple changes to our eating habits and lifestyle is a great place to start. Today, I want to share with you 3 tips that will help you balance your hunger. It may not happen overnight (sometimes it does, but not always!) so as always, be patient with yourself, give it a few days and see what happens!

Tip # 1: make sure you’re eating BOTH breakfast and lunch. Unless you are really not hungry, in which case, I will always advice you listen to and respect your natural hunger. However, if you’re skipping meals because you’re trying to save calories, trying a diet that everyone is doing (e.g. intermittent fasting) or you’re simply rushing through the day and not making time to take a break and eat, or get up early enough to have breakfast before starting life, try this out and see how your hunger naturally balances out Tip # 2: be sure to include some protein, fiber (found in complex carbohydrates such as fruits, veggies, whole grains, legumes, etc.) and healthy fats in all your meals but specially in both your breakfast and lunch. If you’re searching for ideas, be sure to check out my blogor IG page where you can find tons of ideas on how to do just that Tip # 3: avoid doing intense workouts on an empty stomach. A 15 minute walk before breakfast is fine but putting your body through a more intense workout without giving it proper fuel tends to backfire because you’re starting your day doing something that requires energy and since you are not getting any from food, your blood sugars may drop too low making you go into hypoglycemic state. Be sure to have at least a little something or arrange your schedule accordingly Which one will your try?


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