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4 Non-Diet Ways to Feel Better in Your Body Instantly

NO-ONE likes to feel heavy, sluggish or overall yuck (I certainly don’t) because in these moments (when we just want to do something, ANYTHING to feel better) we’re the most vulnerable to try just one more diet.

As you know, my goal is to support you in finding ways to feel good in your body without dieting or obsessing over food 24/7 so today, I want to share with you my 4 non-diet ways to help me feel better in my body in a matter of days 🤩

I’ve been doing these FOR YEARS and I love them because they work without making me spiral into full-on food & body obsession.

So if you’ve been feeling less-than-stellar give them a try and watch yourself start feeling much much better in a matter of days.


Here they are:

1) Start your day with a warm glass of water with a splash of lemon and some grated fresh ginger: this helps gently start your digestion and get things moving #winwin

2) End your day with a probiotic: I am a huge fan of cultured coconut kefir and I take 1 tbsp of it before going to bed. It works wonders to help re-balance my gut helping me keep the cravings at bay, my mood much more stable and again, things moving

3) Move your body throughout the day: I suggest keeping it real, simple and sustainable and for that, I LOVE walks. Even 15-30 minutes a day will help increase energy and lift your mood. There’s no question that getting some fresh air will give extra benefits but in these freezing temperatures, any way in which you can move your body daily will instantly make you feel better

4) Up your fiber in the form of veggies, legumes & fruits: Don’t get too caught up in the what or how much, as long as get more of this goodness into your day. CAUTION: go easy… most of us tend to go overboard when adding in more fiber which can make things worse at first. Start by adding 1 piece of fruit and/or 1 cup of veggies. Fresh, real food will naturally bring in more nutrients into your body and the fiber in them helps stabilize blood sugar levels, helping you naturally increase your energy and gently restore a sense of balance in your body

Which one will you try?


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