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5 Signs of Disordered Eating to Watch Out For

Updated: Feb 9

Do you ever feel like food occupies WAY too much of your time, energy and mental space?

​​If so, you're not alone and I can relate because this used to be me. Even now if I'm not not careful those old ways can quickly cripple back and take over my precious time, energy and life.

And I want to share that when our whole life revolves around thinking & planning around food, this could be a sign that your relationship with food may not be as balanced or healthy as it could be…

Lot's of women ask me, but how do I know if my relationship with food is normal?

To be honest, I don't like the term "normal" to begin with because each one of us has a unique history and experience with food and defining things as either "normal" or not can be simplistic and reinforce a sense of inadequacy.

But I do want to share with you 5 signs to watch out for that may be pointing to an unbalanced (possibly disordered relationship with food):

1. Constantly thinking about food: running calories calculations in your head, excessively thinking and planning next meals

2. Avoiding social situations such as gatherings, birthday parties and others where your “allowed” foods may not be available or where you may feel “tempted” to eat foods you think you shouldn’t

3. Being inflexible with your food choices and/or having long lists of avoided or foods considered “bad”

4. Saving calories for: drinking, the weekend, evening snacking

5. Ignoring hunger cues because is not the time to eat, because you haven’t exercised (burned calories) that day, you haven’t “earn it”, etc.

If this is you, I promise, you’re not alone!

Between the conflicting health and nutritional advice circulating all around us (and constantly changing!), health issues that many of us are navigating and trying to address and the constant pressure to look thinner & younger, many of have developed a complicated relationship with food but I hope it doesn’t stay this way for you. ​​If you need help getting back to a healthier, more balanced place with food, feel free to book a complimentary call with me

Be well!

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