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7 Non-Diet Ways to Feel Your Best This Spring

Updated: Jan 24

For so many of us, spring is one of our FAVORITE seasons of the year. Yet, the rise in temperature and the natural inclination to get out there and be more social can awaken the sense that we need to get ourselves in shape and our bodies “presentable” for the summer.

It is these moments that many of us may look into changing our eating habits and hitting the gym for those intense workouts.

As you all know by now, I’m a proponent of tending to our health and wellbeing in a way that is both sustainable and kind.

But yes, I also know many of us can greet the spring feeling lethargic and less than optimal physically and even mentally and that’s not a pleasant feeling any of us wants to carry on with.

Over the years, I developed my very own spring protocol to make the best out this season of renewal and get myself feeling my best in every possible sense.

So here it is. These are 7 non-diet ways to feel your absolute best this spring and summer

1. Include a Magnesium supplement at night: regarded as the anti-stress mineral, there’s little magnesium can’t do for us. Personally, I love to take magnesium glycinate as it helps sleep more soundly as well regulate bowel movements, both essential to feel my best not just in spring but any time of the year

2. Start your day with a full glass of warm water with some lemon: hydrating your body first thing in the morning is one of the best ways to wake up your body. Over the years, I’ve found that adding a bit of lemon in my water gently stimulates the bowels and supports our body’s detoxification mechanism. Additionally, I enjoy the taste of lemon over plain warm water. If you are feeling a bit bloated these days, adding some grated fresh ginger to a glass of warm lemon water will be extra beneficial

3. Get social: much of the lack of motivation and lethargy so many of us feel at the end of the winter comes from the fact that as social beings, we’re not getting enough human interaction. Whether you’re more introverted, extroverted or an ambivert like myself, human beings are wired for human connection and face to face interaction. May I suggest you challenge yourself to seek real non-technology mediated connection this week? Talk to the cashier at the grocery store, strike up a smile to a person you see on the street (if you feel safe to do so of course, I’ve found that runners and dog walkers are particularly friendly), go for a walk with that friend you’ve been meaning to meet up with for months…

4. Have a weekly date with movement you actually enjoy: physical movement can significantly shift our mental and emotional state and set things in motion when we’ve been feeling stagnate. Many people dread exercise because we choose activities we don’t really enjoy or because we associate exercise with diets, restrictions and extremes. However, I believe physical movement is absolutely essential to be healthy in every sense. At the beginning of march, I signed up for a weekly dance class and it’s been so enjoyable. I’m not particularly good at it but I’m there to have fun and shake my bones. Not to mention is a great way to build in some of that social connection we all need

5. Include all macronutrients at most meals: having balance in our meals and snacks is a sure way to enjoy more energy, less shifts in our mood and concentration levels because it is the easiest way to maintain blood sugar levels stable throughout the day as well as ensure you’re meeting all the nutritional needs to support your body. This is one of the fastest ways to feel better, it works pretty much instantly so why not keep this at the forefront? I share lots of tips and meal ideas on my Instagram account if you need more help on this front

6. Have a daily pause to rest, reset & better manage your stress: I’ve noticed that when I include little breaks throughout the day, I feel less rushed & overwhelmed, and more relaxed and honestly, happier. I’m a big fan of doing a little something each day, doing it consistently and in a way that feels like a treat and not a chore. Here’s some of my favorite ideas, I’ve tried all of them at different times: time for morning meditation & prayer, a 10 minute yoga break, a stress-free pause when I finish my work day: I like to make myself a snack, lay down on the couch and go over my mind thinking of what went well that day. These are all instant ways to feel more centered and energized

7. Do an assessment and identify an area you want or need to focus on this season: maybe you’re due for a visit to your doctor for some blood work, maybe you have an injury that you need to deal with and is time to start physio, maybe you would benefit from hiring a personal trainer or other health professional who can help you stay focused or motivated. Maybe is time to reassess your supplements and see what you need now. Or maybe you need to remove something from your life & schedule. Whatever it is, take a few minutes and think about that one thing you know giving some attention to would improve your quality of life and go for it.

There are of course so many ways to feel your best this new season and you don’t have to do them all to feel better.

My advice? Pick 1 or 2 that resonate with you and give them a try and please share with me if the make a difference for you,

You deserve to feel well, I sure believe so!

Have a wonderful spring!

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