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Answering 1 Of The Top 3 Questions I Get Asked About Food & Nutrition

Updated: Jun 21, 2022

Something I hear all too often is: "Pamela, I don’t understand why, even when I had a well-balanced dinner, I’m still looking for dessert or snacks afterwards"

I noticed that when my clients (and also I find this myself) are wanting to snack after dinner, there’s likely 1 or more of these 3 things happening:

1) We may be too busy or even mindless with food throughout the day and possibly not getting enough food throughout the day

2) Blood sugars may be showing signs of imbalance, which can be a result of things such as: too much stress, too much caffeine, less sleep than what needed, not enough protein, too many "random" meals (this a term I use for meals that may not be properly balanced, snacks, or simply not good quality food for our body’s unique needs)

3) We may have been neglecting other needs beyond food (such as enjoyment, fun and "down time") and now needing to compensate with extra food

Personally, as soon as I find myself searching for the chocolate or ice cream at night, I know I need to make nourishment a priority, both on the physical as well as the emotional level

My nourishment action plan usually looks like this:

✅ Making sure I get to bed at a reasonable hour and don’t get carried away with electronics that interfere with my sleep ✅ Make it a priority to add an extra portion of vegetables: can be a salad, some chopped veggies and edamame dip to munch on as snack or make a smoothie that includes ½ cucumber or ½ cup of greens ✅ Scheduling a fun and enjoyable activity for myself such as meeting up with a friend, or treating myself to a beauty appointment

Are you finding yourself reaching for the snacks after supper? If so, give these a try and see if you notice a shift!

Pamela 💛

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