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What Our Triggers Are Trying to Teach Us

Triggers can be SUCH incredible force…

One moment you’re totally fine and then something sets you off and next thing you know, you’ve grabbed all the snacks in the pantry, cleaned the fridge, bucket of ice cream in hand and off you go and retrieve and eat away until no longer feeling upset

Except, it only takes another upsetting person or event and on you’re in it again

It was when I realized that triggers are not the enemy that I was able to find the space in between to (first) calm myself down and (second) reflect on what is really bothering me so much…?

You see, the things that trigger us are there to show us what parts of our lives need to be addressed, visited, pondered on, healed.

See a girl on Instagram showing off her perfect rocking body and it sets you off? Ask yourself why? If you’re anything like me, is not about the other woman having something I want and I don’t have, it’s more of a sign that I’m being overly critical of my own body and I need to make peace

Or maybe is your boss at work driving you insane, never recognizing your efforts and great work. Is it possible that (while the person may be unfair) our real frustration stems from not being able to set healthy, firm boundaries?

Perhaps is a family member, a friendship or a romantic relationship that needs to be dealt with, perhaps is some kind of dissatisfaction or lack in our lives.

Whatever is triggering you to eat in a way that doesn’t support your health and aspirations, is important to know that:

a) Triggers are NEVER going to go away so is best to learn what these triggers are really about? What are they really trying to tell us?

b) How can I learn to handle my triggers better so that I stop sabotaging myself with food?

I would love to know, is this something you’re being challenged with and if so, how do you deal with it all?


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