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What is an Un-Diet Nutritionist?

A couple of Fridays ago I ran into an old acquaintance and we got chatting.

I was particularly overjoyed to see her because we’ve been following each other on IG for years and have that kind of relationship where we exchange reels and lovely messages via DM all of the time but we actually hadn’t seen each other in over 2 years!!

She asked me a question that got me pretty fired up!, went something like this: “What’s an Un-Diet Nutritionist?? How do you actually work with your clients?” 

Honestly, her question got me thinking that I sometimes we give for granted that everyone else knows what I do and how I approach my work… maybe you’re wondering too? 

So I took some time to write down what makes me different from other nutrition practitioners and how I help women in my practice.

Here we go: 

1.     An Un-Diet Nutritionist is a qualified nutrition practitioner who focuses on helping people solve their health concerns in a way that is sustainable AND steers them away from restrictive diets.

2.     One of our fundamental beliefs, as Un-Diet Nutritionists, is that is absolutely possible to achieve health without dieting.

3.     We feel strongly about how restrictive health interventions and diet culture are conducive to an unhealthy relationship to food and body image, and is the root cause of a disordered relationship with food.

4.     In my Un-Diet Nutrition practice, I work with women in helping them rebuild a balanced & healthy relationship with food and fitness, improve their body & self-image. 

5.     I use my training in nutrition science, eating psychology and mindful eating to help women restore a sense of ease around food and a strong resilient body and mind.

6.     In addition to graduating with Honors from the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition, and holding the designation of Registered Holistic Nutritionist (R.H.N.), I completed an Advanced Nutrition Certificate in Mindfulness and the NeuroPshychoEndocrinology of Regulating Eating. 

I also hold a Master’s Degree in Sociology from Carleton University.

7.     I am forever a student of the body, mind & heart connection. 

I upgrade my knowledge on an ongoing basis through courses, programs, and attending professional conferences.I devour anything available on neuroscience & behavioral science, but mostly, I spend quality time reflecting and brainstorming how to translate knowledge into practices that help women transform their health and relationship with food and our bodies.

8.     Nothing lights me up as coaching women.

I am absolutely obsessed with seeing my clients succeed and accomplish whatever they set their mind to.

And in doing so, I am guided by 3 core values: self-respect, kindness and self-compassion.

I could honestly write an entire book but I’ll stop here for now :)

If you want to know more about what I do and how I might be able to help, feel free to reach out or visit my contact page. 

I love hearing from you!

Hope you’re having a wonderful summer!


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