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3 Things To Know to Stop Mindlessly Snacking in Evenings

Nighttime snacking is one of those things many of us struggle with and really want to stop. Not only because of the extra food we're eating and we don't really need, but also, because is just not fun to feel like food wins, every night…

So today, I want to share with you 3 things to keep in mind in order to stop going on autopilot with food at night:

1) Remember: what you eat and don’t eat during the day may have a big impact on your wanting to eat at night. Sure, maybe you had a great balanced dinner, but are you trying to survive on salad & rice cakes during the day. Or maybe even just adrenaline? If so, you will be much more likely to eat at night when you’re body is like “hey, I didn’t get all the food I needed today!”

2) Nighttime eating is rarely just about food and nutrients. What’s really going on? If you’re feeling lonely, sad or drained from all the day’s stress there’s simply not enough snacks to help. Think of it this way… if you’re phone dies you probably know you need to find the charger and plug it. Grabbing for snacks to feel less lonely or stressed is like wanting to charge your phone with ice cream, chips, chocolate and pizza. Is that working?

3) Snacking after dinner may have become a mindless habit at this point. How many times you just eat because that’s what you do every night? When you really think about, is not even that good, is just a habit. Do you really want it? do you need the snack or can you opt out so when you have the thing, you actually enjoy it? The best cure for mindless snacking is to slow things down & practice being intentional with your choices.

Is not so much about what or how much we eat, but why...

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