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7 Wonderful Things That Happen When You Recover From Disordered Eating

Updated: Feb 9

I want to share with you 7 incredible things that I started to experience when I begun healing from disordered eating because I have a feeling you may be needing a little bit of encouragement! I want you to know that you can get to a place with food when you no longer worry constantly about what you ate or what you will eat. It is such a great feeling when you feel free from food worries! so here they are, these are just a FEW of the many many things that await for you:

1.You start ENJOYING attending birthday parties, going to dinner with friends and all social gatherings because you’re no longer stressed about what food will be served, whether you can have it or not or if you will be able to control yourself

2. You stop feeling like you need to cut down on calories, start a new diet and restrict food

3. Binge eating episodes decrease and with time, become a thing of the past

4. You find ways to move your body that actually feel enjoyable because when you no longer exercise to burn off eaten calories or to bank them for the next meal, outing or bottle of wine/beer and allow yourself to find movement that feels GOOD you realize how great it makes you feel

5. You discover gems within yourself. The more you let go of control of food, the more YOU start to shine and even people around you start to notice

6. You slowly but surely start accepting and liking your body. Parts of your body you used to criticize and dislike, you start seeing with kinder eyes. And the more you like yourself, the more you want to take good care of you, is a wonderful virtuous cycle

7. You begin to discover what you ACTUALLY like, enjoy, and dream about. As your energy increases and your body heals, you feel stronger in your spirit (and of course in your body!) because when you free up your mind from the obsession with food, all the sudden you realize there is so much more to life and you can’t wait to get started living

This is the kind of transformation women experience within my signature program The ObsessLess With Food Method , and is available to you as well!

If you’re ready to start your own personal journey, you can start by booking a FREE call with me. In these calls, we talk about where you’re right now and where you want to go and together we create a roadmap to get you from where you are to where you want to be. It would be my absolute honor to guide, support and cheer you on your journey!

Have a lovely rest of your week,


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