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How Much is “Too Much” Exercise?

A while ago I wrote about some of the most common reasons why many women have trouble maintaining consistent movement or exercise routines (here’s the link to that blog post in case you want to check it out)

But what happens if you have the opposite challenge? You seem to be overly concerned with exercising & can’t seem to put your mind to rest when you miss a workout.

I strongly believe in the importance of consistent body movement as a way to remain healthy and feel strong in our bodies. I also believe exercise is a powerful tool to build mental and emotional health and resilience but I’ve seen how our relationship with exercise can become all consuming, obsessive and even disordered.

So, what are some of the signs that your relationship with exercise may be unbalanced and maybe even unhealthy?

Here’s a few to watch out for:

· Not being able to take a rest day when you need it for concerns over losing or not attaining fitness goals · When workouts become a transactional piece for calories/food · Difficulty falling or staying asleep due to excessive exercising that is spiking cortisol and adrenaline levels · Physical symptoms such as: injury from overexerting & not having enough recovery time, changes to and/or loss of your period, other hormone health issues · Experiencing distress, excessive focus, worry and even obsessive thoughts around fitness level and exercise routines · Exercising to the point of burning yourself and your body out · Skipping social events, work, sleep time, time with family & friends to work out because missing a workout causes anxiety or stress

If you need help finding balance with exercise, with food and with your body, if you seem to be going from one extreme into the next and are wanting to just figure out how to find what works for you and stop going into extremes, feel free to book your complimentary 30-minute chat with me. I’ll be honored to support you in your journey to health and balance with food and your body.

Have a lovely rest of your week,


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